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English Latin
abandon destituo (more translation)
ability potestas (more translation)
able potens (more translation)
above super (more translation)
absent absens (more translation)
absurd futurus
accept accipio (more translation)
accident casus
accomplish peracto (more translation)
accusation criminatio (more translation)
acorn balanus
acquire usurpo
act facio (more translation)
active strenuus
actor ludio
adapt adapto (more translation)
add adaugeo (more translation)
address adicio (more translation)
adjust adapto
admire admiror (more translation)
admit confiteor confessus (more translation)
adopt adopto
adult adultus (adj.)
advance eo ire itum (more translation)
advantage usus (more translation)
advice consilium
advise praecipio (more translation)
affect moveo moti motum (more translation)
affection amor
afraid formido
afternoon meridianus
again denique (more translation)
aggravate ingravo
aggressive infestus
agitate concutio (more translation)
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