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English Latin
call advoco (more translation)
careful curiosus
careless incuriosus
cave specus
chain catena
chalk creta
change novo (more translation)
character mores (more translation)
charge criminatio (more translation)
charm venustas (more translation)
cheap vilis (more translation)
cheat circumvenio
chest arca archa (more translation)
chief potissimus (more translation)
child liber (more translation)
chill gelu
choke suffoco
choose desumo (more translation)
circle orbis
citizen civis
class ordo (more translation)
clean mundus (more translation)
clear perspicuus (more translation)
close propinquus (more translation)
clothes induviae
coal carbo
cock gallo
cold gelu (more translation)
collect lego (more translation)
collision offensus
comfort levamentum
command nutus (more translation)
common vulgaris (more translation)
companion socius-i (more translation)
complaint querimonia (more translation)
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