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English Latin
earth terra (more translation)
easy facilis
economy frugalitas
edge ora (more translation)
effect impetro (more translation)
efficient efficens
effort intentio
elevate tollo sustuli sublatum
employ usurpo (more translation)
empty vacuus (more translation)
enclose coerceo (more translation)
encourage foveo (more translation)
end terminus (more translation)
endure tolero (more translation)
enduring diutinus (more translation)
enjoy occupo
entire totus
entrance foris (more translation)
envelope theca
envy invidia
epidemic pestis pestis
equal parilis (more translation)
error lapsus (more translation)
escape effugio (more translation)
essence substantia
establish constituo (more translation)
eternal aeternus eternus
even equus (more translation)
ever umquam
evidence testimonium
evident liquidus
evil pravus (more translation)
exact exigo
examine probatur
example exempoator
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