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"more translation" means that there is more than one translation.

English Latin
face facies (more translation)
fair mediocris (more translation)
fall lapsus (more translation)
fame gloria (more translation)
family familia
famous praeclarus (more translation)
fancy somnium
far procul
farm ager (agri)
farther ulterius
fast ieiunium
fasten necto (more translation)
fat pinguis
fate fatum (more translation)
father abbas abbatis
fault lapsus (more translation)
favor beneficium (more translation)
fear timor (more translation)
feather penna
feel sentio (more translation)
fence saepe
fertile facundia (more translation)
fetch arcesso (more translation)
few pauci
fidelity fidelitas
field ager (agri) (more translation)
fierce ferus
fight pugna (more translation)
file lima
fill repleo
find reperio (more translation)
fine eximius (more translation)
finish exigo (more translation)
firm pertinax (more translation)
first primoris (more translation)
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