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English Latin
pack sarcina
pain poena (more translation)
painter pictor
pale pallens (more translation)
palm palma
part persona (more translation)
partner socius
passion impetus (more translation)
paternal paterna (more translation)
patron fautor (more translation)
pattern exemplum (more translation)
pawn pignus
pay merces mercedis
pay back rependo
pea legumen
peace pax pacis (more translation)
peak promontorium
pebble calculus
peculiar specialissimus
peel crusta
penalty poena
penance penitentia
pencil penicullus
penetrate foro (more translation)
people gens (more translation)
perform facio (more translation)
perhaps forsit forsan forsitan
perish abolesco
permanent proprius
permit permitto permissi permissum (more translation)
perpetual perpetuus (more translation)
persist obduro (more translation)
pierce foro (more translation)
pipe calamus
pit barathrum (more translation)
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